Saxophone Studio
Kenneth Tse

Policies and Procedures


Welcome, new students, to the University of Iowa School of Music and welcome back, returning students. You have undergone a rigorous audition and application process to come here. We are very pleased you have chosen UI for your education and we look forward to working with you.

It is our hope to provide you with the best educational experience. Therefore, the following policies and procedures are necessary to ensure a smooth-running program.


Always check the studio door for the semester schedule. Make-up lessons will be given for times of my tour or illness. If you need to reschedule a lesson for any reason, give as much advance notice as possible. Any missed lessons without valid reasons will not be made up.

Only one or two re-scheduling is acceptable each semester. You should first attempt to switch lessons with a colleague. No-shows are not allowed. These courtesy procedures pertain to both the faculty and the students. Two unexcused absences will lower semester grade one letter.

Lesson Materials:


All major and minor scales (harmonic and melodic) with different patterns, with varied articulations
Chromatic scale
Etude and solo repertoire
For details please see attached curriculum

B.M, M.A./M.F.A., and D.M.A.

All major and minor (harmonic and melodic) scales with different patterns, with varied articulations
Chromatic scale
Other type of scales (blues, octatonic, bebop, etc.)
Etude and solo repertoire
For details please see attached curriculum


Get accompanist request forms from Professor Huckleberry’s studio and submit as soon as possible to ensure assignment, especially for recital accompanists. Consult his accompanist request guidelines for details.


Daily practice goals: 2-3 hours for B.A., 3-4 hours for B.M. and graduate students. There is no substitute for daily practice. You are an athlete and an artist and need to live as such.

Saxophone Master Class

Attendance in all master classes is mandatory. Two unexcused absences will lower the semester grade one letter. Any absence due to illness or other unavoidable conflict must be cleared in advance. Check the studio door for the master class performance schedule.

Chamber Music

Quartet rehearsals and performances are required. Freshmen quartets will meet with the TA and I will meet with all other quartets.

In the spring semester, either saxophone quartets or a saxophone ensemble will prepare for a semester-end concert. Seating will be designated at the beginning of the semester and posted on the studio door. You are expected to practice your part before each rehearsal. Chamber music attendance policy is the same as that of the lessons.


Please see attached jury schedule.


Please see attached recital requirements

Grading Policies

You will be graded according to how well you are prepared for your lessons. Master class and chamber music attendance will also be counted. Your progress during the semester greatly affects your final grade; lesson logs will be maintained to monitor your progress. Jury exam is very important but an overall presentation of your effort throughout the semester is more vital to your semester grade. Since one cannot attach a number to a person’s performance, grade letters could be interpreted generally as follows:

            A+: Superior in all aspects 
            A: Excellent in all aspects
            A-: Excellent but some areas need improvement
            B+: Very good but some areas need improvement
            B: Good but overall need improvement
            B-: Average and need further improvement
            C+: Poor in most areas
            C: Poor in all aspects
           C-: Very poor in all aspects
           D: Consider a change of major

Auditions for Bands and Orchestra

These auditions will be conducted by the band directors and, in some cases, by applied teachers at the beginning of each semester. The chair placement in different ensembles will be based on your performance.

Although you would audition on your main instrument, you are strongly encouraged to perform on different saxophones each semester for the enrichment of your experience with the saxophone family.

In case of repertoire which needs saxophone part(s) in the orchestra, a special audition will be scheduled to fill the position. If time does not allow such an audition, players will be assigned.

Recital Attendance

You are expected to attend all of the saxophone recitals, including faculty, guest, studio, student, junior, senior and graduate recitals. Recital attendance policy is the same as that of lessons. You are encouraged to go to as many university concerts as possible for your artistic development.

Plagiarism and Cheating

These are serious offenses at the collegiate level and will not be tolerated. For more detailed information see Policies on Students in the student handbook.

Student Complaints

If you are having a problem with any of the above listed courses, please discuss your concerns first with me. If you feel your concerns have not been satisfactorily resolved, you should discuss the situation with the Woodwind Area Head. For further detailed information, see Student Complaint procedures.

Handicap Considerations

If you have been recognized as having a handicap of any sort you do have specific opportunities of which you can take advantage. Should you feel that you are not being given these opportunities, procedures can be instituted. For more detailed information, see Handicap Procedures.